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Oskar has been improvising and Circle Singing long before it was a popular and widespread idea. His depth of knowledge and commitment are evident in his choirs, his workshops, his collaborations. Oskar is a beautiful singer who offers authentic, musical expression from his heart and passes it on in this new book of his.

(Bobby McFerrin - Voicestra, WeBe3, Book: Vocal River)


Oskar, A person of great human quality, humble and professional. Who through songs gathers and unites hearts. He makes the rhythms and the sounds dance.
A magician of voice, he takes out of his prism a thousand sound colors. Thank you for your generosity. Without a doubt, Oskar invites you on the path of vocal freedom and he gives you the tools you need to find the most casual voice expression. His teaching will make you aware of the vocal potential that exists in you. From then on, he will give you the necessary keys so that and all improvisation and vocal expression is unique, free and harmonious.

Anita Daulne
(Zap Mama, Nabindibo, Afropean Choirs)

Oskar Boldre is a singer and teacher of amazing skill. His vocal vocabulary is unsurpassed as he has spent many years developing his instrument in a finely honed way. His Circle singing facilitation comes from years of working the craft and understanding the improvisational nature and spirit of this art form. He is a community leader and a wonderful friend and knows the value of reaching folks "where they are" as he developes a community of musical positivity in his corner of the world. Blessings Brother!

David Worm
(Bobby McFerrin - Voicestra, WeBe3, Glasshouse)

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